Frequently Asked

GPS Questions

A connected car uses wireless networks to send data from your car to external servers and/or service providers. TheftPatrol Connected Car App combines your car’s data with GPS tracking and wireless communication technologies to keep you connected in real time to your car and to help improve safety and security. We’ve had so much success in helping our customers protect their inventory and drive more profits to their bottom line, that we are now expanding our services nationwide.
Most newer cars sold today have some type of connected car capacity. What makes TheftPatrol Connected Car App different is it brings the best of the connected car and telematics together to not only protect your car and make your car safer and smarter, it uses the latest GPS technology that enables us to bring even more features and services to you on the fly. Whether you’re shopping or taking a road trip, make sure you check back as we continue to innovate on newer features and services that keep you connected where ever your car takes you in life!
The type of data that connected cars using GPS tracking technology collects include vehicle location, driver behavior, mileage, speeding, movement, battery life and more.
The data has a variety of uses including vehicle safety and recovery, coaching for new teen drivers, vehicle maintenance and service, usage base insurance, and vehicle monitoring and tracking. The data can also be mined for consumer research using data analytics. This information helps companies categorize individual consumers by behavioral profile and be more targeted with services.
TheftPatrol Connected Car App is offered through various automotive dealers. Just ask your dealer if TheftPatrol Connected Car App is available at their location.