The TheftPatrol System utilizes an embedded device within the vehicle that obtains location coordinates from GPS Satellites. These coordinates are then transmitted via cellular to our secure data center. This data is then available to view from your cell, tablet, or computer via our secure web application.

The TheftPatrol Device is programmed to log and transmit location data upon Ignition “ON”, Ignition “OFF”, and 5-minute intervals while the vehicle is in motion. If the vehicle has been stopped for more than 10 minutes, the device will no longer transmit location data. In the event the vehicle has been stopped for an extended amount of time, the device will transmit an “update” event every 24 hours. Once the vehicle begins movement again, the device will resume transmission as before. If the device is out of cellular coverage, it will continue to log and store location data in memory and transmit data back to the device once back in cellular coverage.